Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The post and a project

I acquired these books this week-
 The first I have begun on the train this week and is a fascinating read. The second only arrived today and looks interesting and well produced on first glance. BTW anyone know of 28mm 18th/late 17th century figures in carnival masks?

Finally I am delighted  to be the new owner of the Mars 1832 figures cast and designed by Kev ( for more info go to- )
I am going to cast more figures and add boats and other transport. It will be Mars 1833 and will feature (amongst other things) the Martian colony of Ny Tradgardstadt.
Some initial background-
As a result of a Space- Time Portal, the British, Tradgardlanders and other European nations have colonised areas of Mars  since the 16th Century. Co-existence with the Martians and each other had been cordial up until the end of 1831 - when a dispute arose- in 1832 hostilities  emerged,deepening in 1833...


  1. I have "Our Enemies the French": the war against the French in Syria, 1941 by Anthony Mockler. It is a corker!

  2. England's last war is a great and interesting read. Good find!

  3. "England's Last War against France" looks fascinating. I just finished reading Rick Atkinson's book on the USA and Britain in North Africa, "An Army at Dawn" and it was riveting. It was heartbreaking to read about France and the allies at each others throats.