Saturday, 13 May 2017

Carronade, Falkirk

A most enjoyable day at the show. I was tempted by the Warbases Roman buildings but resisted just.Met some folk and enjoyed seeing the games especially a division level acw game, a 28mm WW2 game set on an imaginary Greek island and a 42 mm SCW game with a slogan drenched train. However, for me the star of the show was the Westerhope chaps 40mm game complete  with visual effects-
Great game and friendly to talk to too ,what more could one ask!
Got the book below for a fiver and was delighted-


  1. I spotted you in the distance when I was tied up running a stall in the Flea Market.

    The Warbases Roman buildings are very good indeed.

    I acquired another one but it won't be very Roman when I've finished with it.

  2. Great show by the look of it. I do like the Westerhope blog...they always put on great looking old school games, and have a blast at the same time.