Friday 4 August 2017


A visit from the Forbodian ambassador yesterday resulted in my first game of Command and Colours.
A most enjoyable game ensued and I would really like to try C&C again.
I have been re-reading this article again and hope to give it a go with some Lone Star  knights -

Charles Grant suggested 54mm Greenwood and Ball but for me the knights of my youth were either Lone Star or Britains. I have recently bought these toy knights I recall from the 1960s as my own ones have sadly gone. More are ordered including some that once were given away in Kellog's cereal .


  1. That last point certainly helps explain all the cornflakes on your table.
    Good to see you yesterday. On to Leipzig!

  2. There is a certain joy to adult gaming with one's old childhood toys (even if replacements). Enjoy!

  3. Command and Colours is a good game and I also had many Britains knights as well. Can remember seeing them lined up in the Hobby shop a good few years back now.

    Cheers, Ross

  4. Lovely knights. I had the one on the left with the big axe too! Britain's Swoppets were my favourites. Cereal packets used to have fantastic toys in them - well they seemed fantastic at the time - and printed things to cut out and make. Happy days!

  5. Like the submarines you filled with baking powder to make them rise and fall in the water. I also remember cardboard soldiers on the back of packets to cut out .

  6. I have one surviving Marx 54mm knight from my early childhood; I really ought to paint him up and mix him in with the Accurate and Airfix knights we use. The Fracas at Bray rules look like they ought to work well...