Saturday 9 December 2017

Old school again

My book from Norway has finally arrived. It was addressed correctly yet ended up being delivered to Amazon by mistake.
In 1995 I saw a small advert at the back of Miniature Wargames for a chap who was casting 25mm Napoleonic Norwegian ski troops.I contacted him (think he is/was called Kevin Gilfedder, of Doncaster) and the figures duly arrived. I have tinkered with them on and off since but never finished the unit.Here they are on top of a wee booklet from the Norwegian army Museum showing ski troop uniforms-
Sorry I just can't seem to turn the photo :(
anyway the figures are delightfully old school and I really ought to get them done to fight my new Swedes.


  1. They were a good buy. The ones I had were generic figures on balsa skis, it didnt really work.