Wednesday 3 January 2018

First game of 2018 - Carolingians v Vikings using DBM rules

My view from behind the Carolingian's line.My plan was to take the hill with cavalry and the wood with staff slingers whilst the spearmen advance.
The cavalry take heavy casulties from viking bowman and their general is killed in combat leading to demoralization. Meanwhile the vikings pour through and round the wood leading to the surviving Carolingian general's command becoming demoralised and a viking victory ensued.
Only Carolingian success were the above  staff slingers who won every combat in the game holding berserkers at bay and eventually killing them and some viking bowmen before leaving the battlefield unscathed. In honour of their bravery I have repainted their shields so they will always stand out on the battlefield.Well done chaps!
A most enjoyable game and a worthy victory for Phil. I look forward to a rematch soon I hope!