Saturday, 3 February 2018

Pre owned bargains

Some pre owned buildings (Airfix) recently bought and awaiting renovation work.
A 1941 book filled with interesting photos bought in a charity shop today for £1.99!


  1. Those houses and church hold all kinds of potential, and the books looks interesting. Amazing things turn up in charity shops all the time.

    Best REgards,


  2. Useful stuff and a happy find.

  3. Cracking charity shop finds Alan.

    My eldest daughter works in a charity shop but it seems that nothing of wargamers value passes through her shop.


  4. Allan,

    What a nice catch with these buildings. Well done! They will make for a sweet interwar/WW2 setting. And ripe with nostalgic atmosphere as well.

    I read your reply to my message last week or so. I'm fine, painting and building a little (busy busy) but I haven't had a game in a while. I'll have to change that. Family and kids are doing fine. Thinking about putting some gas in the old blog and starting it up again...

    I'd forgotten about those figures. I'll send an email, I believe I still have yours.

    Best, Jim