Saturday, 24 March 2018

Defend Fife

I went this morning to see a plaque unveiled locally commemorating the role of the Polish Army and the Home Guard .
 The plaque is located by the side of a surviving ww2 concrete obstacle
The information plaque-
Defend Fife will be a big event this September with loads of vehicles,reenactments and even wargames. 


  1. Is that a group of re-enactors at the ceremony?

  2. Yes, Home Guard, Polish Army and German Paratroops amongst others.

  3. Nice to see it commemorated. So many of those old defences vanish over the years.

  4. Interesting story, Alan, thanks for sharing. Interesting to see the Fallschirmjager - Good to see the balance of re-enactors for the public event. Having been to several 1940s events, I have found people are always fascinated to meet both 'sides' of the situation. It helps you understand the reason or the threats more clearly.