Tuesday, 28 August 2018

A question of compatability

As RAFM Blue and the Grey ACW figures are no longer available in Europe can anyone suggestion figures that would be compatible with the ones I already have from the Mad Padre? I don't wish to build up two big armies but am trying to build up small forces  for skirmish games.


  1. Minifigs for size I would think.... possibly Warrior?

  2. I'll check the cupboard for samples and take a few pictures but I suspect Minifigs is your best bet if you want to avoid shipping from Canada. I think the Canadian dollar is about 60p these days
    You can check the illustrated catalogue and shipping here:
    www.rafm.com ACW

  3. Ironically l saw a good acw deal on ebay yesterday of Minifigs but when I went back it had finished. I will keep looking...

  4. Are they closer to 20mm or 25mm? If 20mm you might like to try Newline Designs or Jacklex (from Spencer Smith)