Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Boxing Day 

I had a most enjoyable Christmas Day at my sister in laws house with all catching up with nephews and nieces etc. Today l intend to spend quietly, l have made a coffee and have returned to bed to catch up with my blog reading list, an enjoyable way l start most days. I was really lucky with my gifts-

Lots of inspirational reading ( not shown was a later gift, a collection of essays on medieval St. Andrews) to browse through today and a chance to catch up on wireless and television programmes too. Also a still place in time to remember Christmas times of yesteryear and those we love no longer with us. Hopefully a walk weather permitting later, some board games and a Christmas dinner just the four of us. Whatever you are doing today l hhope you have you have a great day. I’m sure some hobby musing and planning will feature in all our days be it on paper or thoughts with a glass or two in our hands...


  1. I think you have got Christmas just about right. Thank you for your thoughts, and have a good day!

  2. Bit grey and gloomy here but taking the dog out for a walk - then some painting maybe .

  3. Hi Alan... I'll be playing Lord of the Rings Risk with my kids today, and hopefully get a bit of painting done. BTW, that Ladybird book is great, I had that when I was about 7 and couldn't put it down (the Castles one is good as well). Hope you have a good day.

  4. Much as I like your idea, I’m hoping to get some painting in and there’s talk of a Boxing Day game. Enjoy your reading!

  5. Excellent plan for today. Thwt Ladybird book has a lot to answer for a I read my copy to tatters. Keep meaning to track down another one for my son.

    Have a relaxing day.

    Cheers, Ross