Friday, 8 February 2019

Imaginations etc

Here is a really interesting blog post about imaginations-

Well worth a view.
p.s problems posting pictures here hence lack of posts,hope to rectify it soon.


  1. Alan Thanks for the link to an interesting article.
    PS I have just finished reading Scott Bradlee of Postmodern Jukebox autobiography memoir Outside The Jukebox. Great interesting and easy read, quite upbeat. Do you want to borrow this?

  2. I would ,thanks for the kind offer.
    I cannot get onto to your blog to comment currently. I really enjoyed the tin of soldiers,some great finds therein.

  3. Thanks, i will get this posted out to you in next week or so.
    Re comments: i find this with trying to leave comments on other people’s blogs like recently with Mannie Gentile and also with James at Quantrills Toy Soldiers. It could be a sporadic Wordpress vs Blogger thing?
    Opening The tin of soldiers was a joy, as I might have glimpsed the only couple of unusual figures amongst the green and tan commonplace. It’s always a gamble, but all these figures are useful anyway and so a good value buy.

  4. That was a cracking post - I have always thought that the SYW Imaginations crowd have the most fun of anyone in our hobby.