Tuesday 4 June 2019

“About Cromwell “ rules try out in 54mm

I tried out the “About Cromwell “ rules that l had borrowed from Dave with my 1688 Alexander’s Toy Soldiers figures in 54mm. The Dutch invaders supported by the purple coated Trumpton Trained Bands ( with Windy Miller and wife) and some dragoons hold a position near the church. James’s Guards are attempting to take the hill. The rules worked well and l will certainly give them a go again.


  1. Hi Alan, I'm very glad to hear that you enjoyed the rules and I really like the way you've based your lovely ATS figures. Great stuff! Cheers, Anthony.

    1. The figures just stand on the flocked mdf bases and their weight allows them to stand even when moving the bases. Thanks for your comment Anthony.

  2. Great looking game. Is that the church at Camberwick Green?

  3. I always love the looks of your games!