Friday 17 January 2020

On the painting table today

Trying to enthuse myself  to do some painting. A combination of things to do in real life and a cold/fluy/annoying thing I can’t shift. Listening to The Cricket Social whilst painting some Airfix chaps working for The Sheriff of Nottingham this morning. The painting table has,apart from the Airfix chaps, Minifigs and Dixon Ottomans, Scout homecasts and finally a Nightfolk goblin archer with spectacles and telescope beside some enigmatic mushroom people.


  1. “Some” painting is better than “none!”

  2. Lovely Airfix figures! They always inspire me.

  3. I always enjoy seeing a friend's painting desk, it reinforces the sense of a kindred spirit and makes me feel less guilty about my messy workshop!
    I think your instincts for those Airfix chaps are prefect - shiny armour and bright blues and reds. Lovely.

    1. Likewise re painting desks and thanks for the positive comments re colour choice.

  4. A nice mix of figures to keep the interest up. Keep at it :)

  5. An excellent smorgasbord of a painting table. Vintage Airfix!

  6. Tradgardmastare,

    I sympathise with the way you feel. My wife and I have had the cold/flu ‘thing’ for over a week, and it show no sign of going.

    Like you, I’ve done some painting, and I’ve found that it has help me cope ... and stopped me from just sitting feeling sorry for myself.

    Get well soon,


  7. Hope you and your wife feel better soon. Very true what you say.