Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Legend of the Golden Herring........

Visitors to the Duchy may enquire as to why the Ducal symbol and highest honour is a Golden Herring. The reason relates to the Middle Ages ,to a time when the Duchy had been laid waste by warfare and the Black Death. The people were starving ,crops had failed,shoals were never sighted and hope had left the building. Legend tells of a Watchman spying a shoal of Golden herring which suddenly appeared in the Baltic. They led the fishing fleet to abundent catches and prosperity. It was the start of the Duchy's upturn in fortunes.
For that reason the Golden Herring appear at the very centre of Tradgardland iconography - orders of chivalry,regimental standards and everwhere one looks!


  1. Very creative, and I love how it ties things together.

  2. Ditto! Nice background -- my congratulations.

    -- Jeff