Monday 6 July 2009

18th century Switzerland

Uniform of a Swiss Jaeger from circa 1770.

The first basis for a Federal Contingent was established by the DEFENSIONALE of Wil and Baden. It fixed the number of men and artillery every ruling Canton ( 13 in total) had to provide. The first Cantonal military regulations date to 1755-1757 . In particular to an order of Nov 10th 1755 which concerned weapons,uniforms,annual reporting etc.

The Cantonal Regiment was formed of 2 battalions ( each of 4 companies of 100 men + staff) + 2 "banner companies" ( very old or very young men) + 1 artillery company. Men were enlisted for military service from 16 to 60 years unless dispensed with for health reasons.Every man had to supply his own uniform,weapon and equipment.

This morning I have begun work on some Canton Zug infantry and standard bearer. It is proceeding quite well so far subject to time and energy...

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  1. This should make for an interesting and different 18th century army/campaign than the usual Prussian/Austrian stuff. Looking forward to seeing this devlop further.

  2. That Jager looks awfully young, or is it just me getting (GASP!) older?!