Friday 24 July 2009

A tale of two gardens... or spot the difference!

The first images from our recent holidays...
One picture is of the "garden" as it was called by the company from whom we rented the holiday cottage previously mentioned. Needless to say it was never used by us at all.
The other picture is of Wordsworth's childhood home ,maintained by the National Trust , in Cockermouth. I will write more on this later. It had a working kitchen ( as of 1770) and a garden planted with varieties from the 18th century. It was a fantastic place to visit with fascinating things to do for all- well worth a visit ,unlike the holiday cottage! Spot the difference if you can- no prizes upon offer I'm afraid!


  1. all of that greenery must have been terribly frightining, you could lose a child in there.

  2. Did Wordsworth shop for his plastic chairs at B&Q?
    "I wandered lonely as a wheelie-bin..."

  3. Holidays, eh? What a struggle! I've just arrived back from mine, and am now just having to get up and go back to the office :-(