Friday, 28 August 2009


Life is hectic- new term,new boss and the builders in! The kitchen walls are being knocked down to form a larger area incorporating the hall and a new oak flooring is being laid upon the dining/sitting rooms. The upshot is all books are in the process of being moved ,everything is in the wrong place and it is indeed the domestic world turned upside down.

It has meant I have seen books and figures I have not laid eyes upon for years. I am in a dilemma as to wheter to give rules I don't play to the Charity shop. My wife ,sensibly remarked,that I would probably end up buying a new copy in months to come so not to bother!

There are so many uncompleted projects have out of boxes- syw,ecw,ancient ,Victorian s.f ,54mm H G Wells for FLW and many ,many more. The enthusiasm rises,money is spent,figures arrive and then are spirited away . It is hard to focus...

One advantage of the house being like this is I have no chance to paint/game in the foreseeable future and therefore am taking stock of what to do. I don't know about you but I am often too tired after work to do anything much.

On the reading front I am loving "Warrior of Rome " by Sidebottom - a cracking read and great fun - even if you hate ancients ( how could anyone ,I hear you cry) it will make you want to buy Romans!!!! Also reading about a north African philisopher/bishop/gentlemen/general called Synesius of Cyrene who also wrote some cracking poems and hymns- not to mention organising,raising and commanding troops against invaders/raiders. Well worth a google if you have time...

On the audio I am having great fun listening to Florence and the Machine and The Killers. On the visual front Babylon 5 is living up to my expectations and more- I am hooked once more!

Have a good weekend and if I can re set up the computer I will add more over the weekend.

p.s the Picture ( The Traveller ) is one of my favourites, I was using it for an art lesson this week and thought you might enjoy it...


  1. I know exactly what you mean. When I was clearing my workshed prior to emigrating I found all kinds of goodies accu,ulated over 30-odd years. A heap of sci-fi and wargaming magazines fetched a useful sum on eBay, along with some ACW figures. I also unearthed my 1/300th early Imperial Romans and Germans, along with a heap of suitable scenery. I'm itching to game with them and other periods again. It's just a question of getting them all this side of the Pond without having to sell a kidney...

    Anyway, good luck with the renovations!

  2. Chin up, you will be gaming again before your know it.

  3. I know what you mean about feeling too tired after work to do much of anything. And for me, the long hot Summer saps almost any energy I have left.

    As for getting rid of old unused gaming materials, I've done that and later wished I had kept some things. I find it hard to predict which things I will wish I had kept.

    I've never really had much interest in gaming Ancients. Dark Ages yes, Ancients such as Greek, Persians, Romans, etc. no.