Sunday 30 August 2009

The Weekend

Floor down thankfully! Reasonably normal weekend ( if hectic) to hand and thoughts re re basing 18th century figs. I have just finished basing them 60mm by 40mm with 6 figs per base. Now I feel I have limited myself...

Tried experiment yesterday of basing on 25mm LOTR round plastic base. Fig looks good ( still broken digital camera so no piccies) and I feel I have options for Charge, Bill Protz's rules etc. A great deal of work but worth it. What do you think?

Photo from German photographer mentioned of late upon "Wars of Louis xiv " of late.

Link if you are interested:

I just love her work -it is amazing !

Back to work tomorrow,bases to order,children to educate,house to return to normality and adventures to be had. Have a good week one and all!


  1. I've been pondering basing a bit lately. Currently my old fantasy stuff is based singly on plastic slottabases since that's what they came with. My 18th century stuff is mostly mounted singly on metal washers. Which is fine for infantry, but to get long enough bases for cavalry they're almost too wide (being circular). I use movement trays I make from plastic and magnets. Works reasonably well and gives me flexibility. Just wish I could find something better for the cavalry bases.
    Multiple figures on a base do give you more flexibility in doing vignettes if you like.
    Another aspect for me is learning more about what works for me in actual games. I like the idea of removing casualties (or laying them down where they fall). But I also like having fewer items to move around. I'm also leaning towards rules that work on a stand by stand basis (both in terms of firing and melee and in terms of casualty removal), because it seems to offer a better chance for quicker games.
    Rebasing can be a lot of work and depending on how well you did the basing in the first place may involve some repainting of lower extremeties (as I'm sure you know). So you have to ask yourself if it's worth it, and will you rebase the figures again in the future.

  2. Basing is really only dependent on what suits your own stuff. If you are in a gaming group, then I tend to find "basing to suit the group" happens. Which may not always be satisfying to your needs.

    Outside of a group, basing is much more fun, because then the only person you need to suit is yourself. I got way over basing specifications and go with what works for visual impact.

    So now, I can have a mixture of singly based 'character' figures - which work in plenty of skirmish game systems, but the army bulk is based in bulk - multiples of 4 or 6, 8, whatever suits. The thing is, it doesnt take much longer in game time to physically move (say for example), a 24 figure unit, (on four bases/stands/elements of 6), than to move 4 individual figures.

    If you are using slotta bases, then you might want to check out the GW website for packets of larger bases. There are many sizes, circular 40mm works for most '28mm' scale figs. Also many rectangular and square options plus mixed bags of each type. I found the cost-for-effort-result makes these bases premier. And, being plastic injection molded, always perfect dimension. Link:

    Try it and see