Sunday, 1 November 2009


Duke Karl Frederick ,wounded in the recent battle with the forces of the Imperial by artillery, is recovering in the ducal palace. The head wound has laid the Duke low and has caused great concern to the court...
his memories of the battle are hazy- the routing of the Tradgarland dragoons on the left flank and the pursuit of them by Imperial hussars and curaissers,the taking of the barricades by Tradgardland infantry, the valiant Archbishop's jaeger on the right flank and the bloody fire-fight in the centre...
Whilst, in the midst of his thoughts, the Duke is interrupted by a messenger. The Duke opens the letter and a smile crosses his face for the first time in days-there is a newly born heir in the Duchy of Stollen!! The Duke leaps from the bed,calling for his Chamberlin and Secretary and dictates a decree that the bells of the Duchy be rung after mass on All Saints Day to celebrate the birth of the heir to the Duchy of Stollen...


  1. Isn't it interesting that our Imagi-Nations have become such a community that the last time I looked about 40 of us had posted a congratulatory comment to Stokes' announcement of his son's birth?

    -- Jeff

  2. Thanks, men. It has indeed been an astonishing demonstration of community. I salute you both.

    Best Regards,


  3. Interesting looking moment from the battle - is there a battle report in the offing ?

    -- Allan