Thursday 3 June 2010

Bicorne Rules thoughts

Many thanks for your thoughts upon the previous post I made. As a result I have been looking on my shelves at home as well as on the net to see what rules to use. I'm afraid I just don't want to spend £30 or so on rules no matter how well illustrated they are or highly reccomended...

As luck would have it I found the very thing on the bookshelves- "Playable Napoleonic Wargames rules" first published in 1987. They offer a staight forward and fun game without myriad rules/charts to read through. Just the ticket I think. The weekend comes tomorrow with the opportunity to do some more planning, looking out lead and maybe even some painting -reports permitting!


  1. Is that the one by Barry Edwards?
    With the pull out map of Spain in the center?

    Good choice since he stresses FUN throughout his work.

  2. It most certainly is - I like the stess upon FUN too...