Sunday 20 June 2010

De Saxe @ Midsommer

Tomorrow is Midsommer in the Duchy of Tradgardland- a day of celebration and feasting culminating in the dancing of the Herring Dance around the bonfires which light up the night .

But that is tomorrow...

Today Duke Karl Frederick is in his study having spent his day in horticultural pursuits and needing to be refreshed by a glass of wine. He gazes wistfully at the portrait of his old friend Maurice de Saxe which graces his study wall. The Duke pours over the plates of the uniforms which his old friend had designed. Perhaps,Karl Frederick thinks,now is the time to raise a Legion. He gazes into the middle distance before ringing a bell to summon the court tailor.
( I have succumbed to some samples from Steve's comissioned De Saxe figures and look forward to their arrival here in the Duchy...)

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