Thursday 1 August 2013

Stout Hearts and Willing Swords- a first game-rules by Ross Macfarlane

This afternoon,after a visitor from Forbodia left I decided to set up a solo game using the SH&WS rules.No complicated scenario just an encounter battle-
A wood defended by some viking archers who are about to be attacked.
Mounted vikings face some javelin armed skirmishers and two heavy infantry units.
A closer look at the vikings opposing the cavalry including general and standardbearer.
The cavalry ride the skirmishers down...
Archers are charged by infantry unit and a hero in yellow cloak on the left of the picture.There are casualties to archery.
Cavalry take casualties and their enemy come round the flank...
Two heroes hold off the enemy...
The defeated archers flee the field.
A great game (first time out on the table top for the 40mm vikings) and a most interesting set of rules giving an exciting solo gaming experience. Next time I will use a few more figures and heroes and set up a better backstory. Thanks to Ross for some great rules which you can find on his blog at-


  1. A good read! Are the figures Elastolin 40mm, or from a different line?

    Best regards,


    1. They are pre painted from
      Sadly I had a number of Elastolin 40mms from my youth which I wanted to use in this project but just cannot find...

  2. Those Vikings & Saxons do look good, there is a strong sense of nostalgia for me in buying pre-painted plastic figures in a window box, I am tempted.

    Anyway, a nice looking little skirmish. You are first to try the rules out as far as I know and I'm glad they worked for you. I'm looking forward to giving them a spin myself tomorrow or Saturday.

    1. The figures are well produced and the company offers a very good mail order service.I hope your game goes well and look forward to hearing about it.
      I am busy with visitors over the weekend ,not to mention visiting the claymore show so I will have to wait to next week for my follow up game- can't wait...

  3. Neat looking solo game - those 40mm vikings look real nice

    -- Allan

  4. Very nice. I'm tempted to go to this scale for something like Dux Brit.