Saturday 29 November 2014


Weekend at last!
Uptown today I finally spent my Waterstone's tokens on a book I have observed for a while-
I have had little time to read it (visitors for a meal tonight) but on first skim it looks fascinating.
I have a number of books on the period- an excellent biography of James  iv and a book on Flodden amongst others.
I also have this-
which contains an illustration of a pretty useless weapon - the rattle.
No wonder they were often left in camp...
The renaissance in Scotland reminds us of what might have been here had the reformation not taken hold.
I have some 25 mm English,Scots and isles men of the period .The English and islesmen are ready to go and I intend to paint up & base the Scots when time /energy allow.I will use Ross's Gathering of Hosts for gaming on a squared cloth.
Tonight ,as darkness fell, Advent  began-
The time of preparation for Christmas begins...

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