Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A trip out

It has been hard to have a day out this holiday with someone busy ,working or studying each day.However we all did manage to have a day yesterday ( the 30th ) in St Andrews-
Lunch at the Northpoint cafe, photographs (for inspiration for artwork) taken at the harbour and then back through the town via a splendid new bookshop- Topping and co-
I resisted spending there but will be returning very soon. A splendid day rounded off by watching the beautifully filmed (not to mentioned costumed) Mapp and Lucia on BBC 1-
Today hopefully some time for a solo game,but we will see.
"Bring out your lead!" the shop keeper called in the back streets of the other Heliopolis.
Incidentally if anyone has any "old school" ancients that they wish to swap/sell let me know ...


  1. A good day. I've never read Mapp and Lucia, but E. F. Benson's ghost stories are excellent. We have a Topping's here in Bath and it really is an excellent bookshop, so you will be finding yourself in your branch a lot I should think.

  2. What a lovely place there Alan and I can see why it needs to be turned into a picture. My better half like Mapp and Lucia and I think I well be giving it a try

  3. We have watched the delightful Mapp and Lucia. My partner knows the books and says the filming is just as she imagined them. The town of Rye (in Kent?) was chosen for the location work. I am looking forward to the third and final episode this evening.

  4. Now you've all got me thinking I should look into Mapp and Lucia. I've seen mention of it here and there over time, but never read or watched any of it.

    Sounds like a grand day out, with great scenery, a new bookstore (always a good thing in my book), and all. I hope you did/do manage a solo game. With a couple of days off for New Years I hope/plan to do some gaming myself. Already played an introductory scenario of the Descent II boardgame.