Sunday, 14 December 2014

Don't blame it on the sunshine....blame it on the Mad Padre! :)

I had innocently posted a few days ago about my desire to get a Minifigs M.E range dragon for my "Old School"  Middle Earth gaming. That was as far as I had thought. Then along comes this comment to my post-
I am intrigued and delighted by the possibility that there is a corner of the Duchy where dragons live. Unless it's a parallel universe to the Ducy ....                                                                                                                                   
Oh dear , that was indeed a seed planted into my mind ! and so I began some research in the Duchy of Tradgardland Library vaults-
Firstly I came upon the above in a dusty,neglected tome.
Then evidence was found of what some poor 18th Century gentleman suffered in his garden.
Another example from the later 17th Century was found  in a leather bound volume half hidden under dusty pelts . Finally a rare  pair of etchings proved to conclusive-
Michael ,what may you have begun...


  1. Nice stills from Rubovia - which I can just about remember watching when I was a wee'un. A dragon at the palace - beats a llama ?

  2. There we are then. During early medieval days did they not train dragons to perch on the prows of their ships to intimidate the enemy and to rain fire on them at close range? Thus inspiring less fortunate states who lacked real dragons to carve wooden copies or employ Greek fire?

  3. The Grand Electorate of Freedonia requests a specimen of said dragon-kind for display in our Electoral Zoo... or for use as assassin. Either way. I'll gladly trade for the beast's weight in bassoons or nut rolls, our major exports.

  4. I believe the Rubovian dragon was a youngster, and called Pongo. Every Duchy should have such a creature, here in Humperstein we have a palace Jabberwock who keeps the vermin down admirably, though there can be the odd unfortunate accident with the gardeners!