Saturday 4 July 2015

Semi flats

Torrential rains in Tradgardland have left me in the house this morning rather than outside as I would prefer. I have been looking at some 40mm semi flats which need painting-
I am loathed to go for a purely khaki colour scheme and have been looking at Haswell Miller's Vanished armies for a few pointers. Any suggestions for uniform ideas sources most welcome.
I have one semi flat tank and I was thinking today about trying to scratch build some others. But not sure where to begin.I would ideally like to try some of the British interwar vehicles that so appeal to me. Anyone tried their hand at such a thing?


  1. Never tried my hands on such miniatures, but it looks nice to be painted. Could you reproduce it with a self-made mould and to set up a convoy then?
    Hope to see more soon!

  2. I have that tank also. And as Peter suggested, it should be easy to make a mold of. If you want to stay with the thin semi-flat vehicles, you could try working with sheet styrene, building in layers as you go. Any satisfactory results could then serve as the mold-making master.

    Paper model tanks is another way to go.

    Good luck !