Sunday, 11 September 2016

Old School Gondor and enemies

Getting round to basing some Mythical Earth figures bought earlier this year...
Ithilien Rangers
And yet more enemies...
This old school ,massed battle ,Mythical Earth gaming will be played with Ross's fantasy rules.
P.S to flock/static grass or not ,that is the question.Any thoughts?


  1. I do have a nostalgic fondness for these figures.

    Hard to say on the bases, a simple flocking ala Purple Primer would not be wrong but either would be fine.

  2. Brilliant stuff...glad to see them ready for action soon. I would say either use an old fashioned style flock, rather than modern static, the brighter green the better, or just make sure the bases have a good solid coat of green.

  3. Tradgardmastare,

    It's nice to see your progress with this Middle Earth project. The style of the figures makes them ideally suited for big battles.

    My personal opinion is to just have painted bases and no flock. This is what I have gone over to for my current Napoleonic project and like the look.

    All the best,


  4. Have to agree with Bob. Certainly favour plain 'Green' painted bases and possibly semi-gloss or even gloss bases...things look more Old-School then. All the best Alan with your Middle Earth Project. Regards. KEV.

  5. I love the designs on the shields. The insignia from Mordor are especially good.