Saturday, 1 July 2017

With camera in Dunfermline

Schools hols began yesterday. I took some photos locally.Firstly our new museum/gallery/library-
This is the view from the balcony of the cafe overlooking a newly planted maze and Abbots House which is currently closed.
An interesting exhibit in the museum which is explained in the sign below-
Finally my current reading-
Have a good Saturday!


  1. Yikes..... I bet that poor lad got a sound wigging. Nice looking town.

  2. An elegant building. That poor young chap must've been mortified at what he'd done.

  3. Intriguing story Alan ... both the firestone (whoops!) And Mr Noyes ...

    Fantastic photo background effect.

    I read the Time Travellers Guide to Medieval Britain by the same man which has a good quote that a man (or woman?) should live in or visit at least two other countries to understand his own, which was subverted to a man should live in at least two different time zones of history to understand his or her own .. something any good gamer usually does. Many times over . . .
    Mark, Man of TIN blog