Wednesday 4 April 2018

Canada etc

My Grandma's sister emigrated to Canada in the 1920s and settled in Prince George. They then moved to Victoria. Their surname was Wieland. My grandma visited them in the 1960s and came back with souvenirs such as a Mountie figure for me. I guess my interest in Canada grew from there. We were sent a subscription for the British Columbia magazine and that continued til my mother died.
Jan and I nearly went to British Columbia with my mother in the early days of marriage but the trip fell through. We never made another  trip together to Canada what with growing kids etc.
Through Ross's blog I discovered the Rebellion of 1885 and am moving towards gaming it in toy soldier style. As the sleat lashes the garden here are some figures from my painting desk-
Hopefully have enough for a wee skirmish in the coming days...


  1. Very nice. I went to visit my Uncle on Vancouver Island in 1985 which was a memorable trip.

  2. Sleet in Scotland in April- sounds just the thing for you Alan to be busy with your figures. My partner has recently been to Canada and Alaska- absolutely loved it- beautiful places on the West Coast...I havn't been close- the furtherest East I've been is Fiji. Like to see America, Canada. Cheers. KEV.

  3. I haven't tracked down the full movie yet, but for a battle with Mounties and Indians as fictitious as my own toy soldier battles check this clip out: (Fort) Saskatchewan battlescene

    1. Stiring scenes - big numbers - wow! 1954...they knew how to make movies then.

  4. Well, here in Southwestern Ontario, it's snowing. Out in Saskatchewan, it's -20 C. I'm at home taking some down time after Easter and painting figs. I like the toy soldiers you have and I'm betting that reality was different.

  5. I hope you do make a trip some day, Tradgardmastare! If you are ever looking for a weather-appropriate board game to give you a taste of Canadian history, check out "A Few Acres of Snow".

  6. Very interesting, I don´t know anything about this epoch and I am curious to see your first skirmish or battle!