Saturday 14 April 2018

Naming the army

After some long needed tidying of the shed I decided to give an identity to some of my ECW units. Firstly I am a great believer that troops fight better on the tabletop with a name (and back story?) and secondly it is a fun thing to do. Out came the old school pencils.paper and pins and flags were produced.
Firstly some Horse for Parliament- To the right of the picture Sir Thomas Filofax's regiment of horse, followed by Hazeltwig's Lobsters.
In the foreground are Col John Hampton's regiment of foot and at the back are Colonel Leonard Rossiter's Dragoons of  the Eastern Association.


  1. Sir Thomas Filofax! That is Old School. Nice pictures.

    1. Note the depiction of the 17th century filofax ( pocket almanac) upon the flag.

    2. Pocket almanac is good. No Retreat, right? Google translate was telling me something about no backward steps!

  2. Nice. And I love this epoch with the colorful uniforms. Show us more, please!