Wednesday, 31 October 2018


Many thanks for your really helpful comments and emails. I have tried to take your suggestions onboard. I finished a project using a forthcoming game to work towards. This was my VBCW Army. They took the field on Monday and lost in what was a most enjoyable game. I painted some 54mm old toy soldiers and moved them along. I am trying to enjoy this great hobby of ours and not the opposite. A question,l bought these years ago painted. I rarely used them. Does anyone recognise the manufacturer and who they are painted as?


  1. There is something very familiar about the style of these figures.

    What size are they?

    I can't make out some of the details from that angle, are they wearing a stiffened kepi?

    Some of the figures look to be wearing trousers tucked into gaiters and bloused out while others look like they are wearing knee high puttees or leggings, Is that just a trick of the shadows?

  2. The thing is to avoid letting the thing become a chore. Many years (decades) ago I couldn't get enough of playing chess. Completely obsessed. Somewhere along the line it became a chore. Don't know how or why. Still play on line, but keep it strictly within bounds and prefer to kibitz other peoples games and sorta socialise. Keeps it fresh.

    Same with war gaming. If a thing becomes a chore, move on to something else. I'm a complete dilettante, but its more fun (for me) that way.

  3. They remind me of Johillco figures, if 54's. Their uniform evokes a WWI Serb or Bulgarian feel.
    So, put them in the trenches! :)

    1. They are 54mm and have a Bulgarian/Serb vibe to me too.

  4. Playing a game, however simple, might be the most therapeutic action a hobbyist of our stripe can take. Keep on playing!