Saturday, 23 March 2019

Google + going what do l do?

l have read the warnings but still remain technologically challenged. I have my blogger account and my google one. As far as I know l only use the google one to comment on other people’s blogs and forums such as the Peter Laing one and Little was revisited . I am worried what I might lose and how l should proceed. Any advice gratefully received!


  1. I am glad you put this up.
    I am in the same quandary but I do not rely on Google + to tell me when there are new posts on the blogs I follow, I use Feedly.
    Unless there is the 'Anonymous' entry available I am unable to comment on most Google blogs so I am minded to just let it ago.

    1. I have a reading list on my blogger account to follow blogs so l hope that will be enough.

  2. Ian Dury has migrated the Peter Laing circle to Me We which seems to be set up or accommodating lots of Google plus refugees.

  3. Tradgardmastare,

    The loss of Google Plus should not affect Gmail, Blogger, or Blogspot (according to their FAQs), so you should have not problems.

    That said, I'm keeping a watching brief, just in case!

    All the best,