Sunday 24 March 2019

Mythical Earth and the IPL

Not really feeling like doing anything particularly big hobby wise today. Rain and wind assault the Duchy. So the plan is to move the Mythical Earth ongoing project forward by basing.
The bad guys wait patiently in their box file watched by a Nazgul. In the picture below the men of Gondor await their grass and foliage. Sadly l dropped Shelob who needs all her legs secured by superglue. I never get fed up with my ME chaps, nostalgia drenched they lift my spirits with their symplicty and charm. What better than the cricket on radio five live to accompany such work...


  1. Those figures have a certain style not bettered I think .

  2. Wonderful figures Alan. Hope they'll be in action soon.

  3. Splendid way to spend the day.... they look great so far.