Thursday 11 April 2019


I am enjoying sitting out in the garden today. Yesterday the grass got the first cut of the season. Today l am sitting out listening to the wireless and enjoying these two new arrivals-

I have worked for some time on my 28mm Medieval Germans and have laid them aside for the present. I need a wee change. My 40mm fellows will get an outing to try the new rules out.


  1. A splendid day. I approve of your mug shape... I have a couple like that (good solid base and straight sides) and they win hands down over these ridiculous tapered receptacles. (I get quite animated about tea mug shapes...).

  2. Wonderful looking day - sadly mine was spent at work!

  3. Bit cool here for sitting outside here , a cold wind , glad to see your rules arrived

    1. One day the delivery date was miles away ,the next they were here. Great read and they are a joy to browse through.

  4. A review of your new book would be appreciated.