Monday, 13 May 2019

Born in the KFC

“One of the most influential figures in Karl Frederick County during the American Revolution was Joachim Hornig. Born of Tradgardland immigrant parents in the Mohawk Valley Hornig rose to fame as Colonel of the District Militia of the KFC. History alone will tell...”
Quoted from “ Annals of Karl Frederick County ,some jottings of note” by Georg Hornig lll 1863.
An important visitor comes to the County to ask if Col Hornig is ready as the redcoats are on the march. To be continued.
I’ve been interested in the awi since l fought across the living room floor as a boy with my Airfix Grenadiers. I’ve collected a few books over the years-


  1. The Mohawk Valley was a key area in Burgoyne's strategy. I'm looking forward to more from the Annals.

  2. Like you I loved the old Airfix AWI figures. Nice looking collection of books.

  3. Lovely scene and classic books from Almark and Blandford. Looking forward to further posts on the adventures of Col Hornig!