Friday, 30 August 2019

Carnival Row

Just started to watch this on Amazon Prime, what do you think so far?


  1. Just started watching this over the weekend. It is an interesting mix of Fantasy and Steampunk. I found the first few episodes a bit slow with what appeared to be an 'unconfortable' emphasis on issues of racism (against the non-human races), migration and the aftermath of war. However, as the story developed and all the subplots started coming to light, I was hooked. It is a very brave and quite hard-hitting series. The costumes, depictions of the races and setting is quite creative and worth watching for this alone. I am currently on episode 7 and would highly recommend it.

  2. I’m far less far through than you but really hooked too. I have enjoyed the look of the thing and the details. The races are well developed. I too would recommend it .

  3. I thought it was fun and well acted with nice sets and costumes.

    Story is a bit weak (e.g. leader of the opposition political party "arrested" and murdered in custody and nobody bats an eye or questions his death at all) and tended towards simplistic cliches (e.g. all the rich people and police [except for Bloom] are nasty and racist).

    A second season has been comissioned and hopefully this will see an improvement in the writing. If there isn't, I doubt there will be a third season.

  4. Finished the season the other day and thought it very good. Lovely sets and costumes.