Thursday, 29 August 2019

Sort of like Christmas or birthday...

Today the courier brought the Ottoman Turks from the collection of Eric Knowles. I have really enjoyed opening the wee box’s of old school Minifigs delights. Thanks to D C for facilitating this.


  1. Hello old chap,

    Delighted to help and I am sure you will have a lot of fun with these. I rather liked the old school Tartar Light Horse with the telegraph pole lances!

    I am really curious to know what your plans are with these!

    All the best,


  2. Oh those blue Hinchliffe boxes ! , that takes me back !

  3. I'm sure that Eric Knowles would have been pleased to know his Ottomans have gone to a good home where they will be appreciated and will continue to be used.

    Marvin at Suburbam Militarism has a whole section on Ottoman-ia using Red Box figures

  4. Wow! What a pleasure. Congrats on acquiring such wonderful figures with an amazing pedigree.

  5. I too have purchased some of Eric Knowles' figures - Seven Years War Austrians. I was charmed by the random selection of old figures boxes, and delighted to find Eric's handwritten painting notes for specific regiments in some of the boxes. I think I really must paint them as he has suggested!

    1. I look forward to hearing about the painting notes and perhaps seeing pictures of the figures painted. What rules are you intending to use?