Saturday, 9 August 2008

Cat in the HaT... terra incognito

Today I went into my model shop for paint alone and came out with these 1/72 figures. These are the first 20mm soft plastic figs I have bought since the early 1970's Airfix ones I loved many years ago.

I am new to these sort of figs- smaller upon the eye re painting. I wonder if you gentlemen could point me in the direction of finding out more - re what glue to use to stick them to cardboard etc . All tips ( even the most obvious to you) are most welcome.


  1. I wrote a bit about preparing plastic figures on my blog last year:

    The most important thing is to wash them in detergent before priming, to remove the mold release agent, and then to prime with a plastic primer. In the U.S., the best is Rustoleum, but I believe Plasti-kote is a British substitute.

  2. Is is not enough to spray them with acrylic black matt paint by Humbrol?

  3. One's mileage will vary with ordinary primers. Some people say the primer isn't decisively important so long as one finishes with a remorselessly strong finish like clear Plasti-dip, thinned-down PVA or Future/Klear.

    I find, though, that the plastic primers offer the best adhesion throughout the painting process, and give more security afterwards.

  4. Check in with Stokes. He's the resident expert on plastic figures in the Imaginations Realm.

  5. I've never had any plastic figures myself, but I know that BATTLEGAMES MAGAZINE #13 has an article by Stokes on them.

    I've also read that a number of gamers use "gesso" for priming them. That's the stuff artists use to prepare canvas to take paint.

    I've also read that enamel paints are a no-no with plastics.

    -- Jeff