Saturday, 30 August 2008

Hispania rises...

Here is Hispania's finest - Regiment Ibernia. It is organised in two divisions of 16 figures each. The figures are painted and only await varnish and basing.
The next regiment will be the Swiss Regt Beesler - they will be in blue coats. After this the plan will be to raise a white coated regt of Hispania.
I am attempting to move forward with the forces of Hispania . The sappers are coming along nicely and the mountain light infantry are undercoated.
I am looking at ideas for the Generals. So far I have come up with Don Estelle - nicknamed Whispering grass and Don Alonzo ( who I think was the name of a Spaniard in the fantastic 1960's Flashing Blade) - some puns are most welcome gentlemen!
These will fight with the forces of the Imperium in Italy and Gallia of the 1740's. Cardboard buildings are planned and yellow coated dragoons projected.
I am glad to be focused on a task and looking forward to the gaming ahead...


  1. Looking good as far as I can tell from the photo.

    obvious - Don Quixote
    silly - Don Hurtme, Don Knotz (of German ancestry)
    "food"-y - Don Enchilada
    movies - Inigo Montoya (Princess Bride) for example
    Gaming - Don Featherstone (or Don Pluma Piedra)

  2. From "Flashman and the Redskins" there's the greasy Don Lardo y Pantaluna...