Monday, 4 August 2008

Saturday's alright for fighting...

Saturday brought my youngest daughter's 11th Birthday, the annual BBQ at my regular opponent Phil's house en famille and a trip to Claymore - Edinburgh's wargames show.
The show is at sports stadium and runs the length of a narrow and darkish indoor running track. I caught up with friends from my University wargames club days as I reconnoitered about. The SYW was present in 6mm and 15mm form I think - games that looked fine. I spent much of the time resisting trading stands before we ran the Society of Ancients stand for about ninety minutes.
I find as I wander at shows many groups are unwilling to chat - you stand and look but the gamers are too busy it would appear to chat. When ever I put on displays at conventions I feel the interaction with the public is of supreme importance and is majored upon.
On Saturday I had some superb conversations with gamers whilst manning the stand and was really stimulated by the experience.
We returned to Phil's place and his family was joined by my family complete with Freya and her Nintendo DS Lite - her birthday present from us. I could get into the Mario Olympics very easily...
Good company ,food and wine flowed as we sat around the patio heater and BBQ. In 12 years of the same weekend it has never been rained off yet.A great day!!!


  1. Sounds like you couldn't ask for a better weekend. Congratulations on showing the will power to not buy stuff in the dealer area. I wish that I had practiced similar restraint at Historicon.

  2. Now that you have had a relaxing weekend, when can we expect to see you finish the boat. I've been anxious to see the outcome, so that I can copy your hard work. Just kinding, take your time, but hurry up...Bill