Monday 1 September 2008

Misty Mountain Musing (and plans)

I love early travel posters and am enjoying using them to illustrate my Blog. For example see the high pass in San Bruno inhabited by monks and their San Bruno dogs which help rescue the lost and the lonely...

I have been reading Henry's Battlegames blog of late and been inspired by it - as ever. He talks about the need to focus and concentrate. With such sound advice ringing in my ears I have had a good think to myself.

Tradgardland will take a back seat with regard to modelling and painting. I will continue to be involved in the Free Kriegspiel aspects of EvE involving my Duchy. I have grown far too fond of Duke Karl Frederick , Von Bergmann and the idiosyncrasies of Tradgardland to ever abandon them. So postings will continue about them and the customs and characters of a small northern Duchy.

On the wargames table I will pursue the 1740's conflict betwixt Hispania and her Italian Allies and the Imperium. I am looking for a brand so to speak. I am so attracted by Old School aka Duchy of Stollen's approach but also like my flock,static grass etc! Hopefully some synthesis will be possible and a way forward found.

In the meantime I continue to paint the forces of Hispania and collect further recruits to oppose the Imperium, start to model San Bruno and its villages and get some games up and running soon. You ideas and comments are welcome as ever.