Saturday 20 September 2008


The Tradgardland Militia Captain looked through his spyglass and observed the village bridge. He was unable to comprehend what lay in his vista. The local informant had indeed been correct - A WURM!

There had been no sightings for centuries ,yet here and now in 1758 Year of our Lord Captain Anderrson saw that which all dreaded most...

Anderrson invoked the power of the Saints and of Heaven itself as he crossed himself whilst murmuring a prayer. Giving the spyglass to his faithful Sergeant Kronk ,Anderrson turned to address the company of men at his command- men upon the edge of running away and heading for the safety of the local forest...


  1. Oh where is St. George when you need him?

    (It is a great photo -- I love it!)

    -- Jeff

  2. I had to do a bit of a double take before I realized what I was looking at. That would be a very troubling thing to see in the 18th Century.

  3. Great picture! Where is that at?

  4. Oh! for a unicorn.
    Where's a virgin to be found in these desolate times?

  5. Gentlemen the photo is of St Ursanne in Switzerland.

  6. Hmm! Interesting. Call out the guard? Supply a handy virgin? Not in Hetzenberg! Had the Wurm appeared on the bridge at Kimmelsbrucke, the officials there would've charged it transit tax...