Tuesday 30 September 2008

Little Wars

I am unaware how many of you have any interest in Little Wars by H.G Wells. I must confess the combination of nostalgia for a lost youth, quirky line drawings and the sheer fun of it has me hooked.
An army padre is currently writing an update/extension of the rules with a view to publication. He has terrific ideas as well as enthusiasm. I first discovered his work/project in a magazine about toy soldiers I saw in the newsagent up town. The picture of the alfresco game and accompanying article had me hooked. There is a super Yahoo group devoted to the fun called funnylittlewars - do have a look you won’t regret it! You will find the fun at:
Enjoy,have a look and you will add another dimension to your hobby!


  1. When I was much younger my local library had Well's Little Wars book, which I checked out numerous times (along with several Featherstone books).

    Although, these days I'm not so sure about getting down on the floor to play...