Thursday, 2 October 2008

Time Travel ...

Of late I have been much concerned with the Succession in the Duchy of Tradgardland. What that means in reality is what happens to the Duchy over the next 200 years - 1758- 1958. Today , whilst waiting in my daughter's school to meet Jan and Freya for parent's night , I scribbled away on paper and have some key Ducal moments up to 1807. I have names for Dukes and key events too.

All this has been brought about firstly by me looking at the list of Dukes up to 1757 I published on the blog last year and secondly by a desire to perhaps see what the Ducal army was like at points in the 19th and early 20th century. This may or may not lead to depictions upon the wargames table - we shall see! I will post some excerpts from the Ducal history soon.

I would be interested to hear if any of you have done a similar project or are thinking of doing so. Sadly I get bogged down in my knowledge of history and internally debate the possibilities back and forth...


  1. I have not done so . . . but it does sound like an interesting project.

    I salute you for doing it.

    -- Jeff

  2. I have listed a few historical events for my ImagiNation, but haven't gone forward in time and haven't worked out families or previous/future rulers.
    For my old fantasy world I did work out an entire family tree for the dwarven king of an island called Smorgasborg.

  3. When our group plays wings of war a WWI aviation game, my Austrian pilot is a distant relative Baron von Beerstein. He is currently a triple ace flying an Albatross...Bill

  4. It's an interesting concept. I've sometimes envisioned the Grand Duchy of Hetzenberg contributing a brigade to the German armies of 1870. Or, still stubbornly independent 60 years later and armed with an equivalent of Char B's and Pz35t's, squabbling with her neighbors. One of these days I might follow those thoughts.

  5. Future History for the past imagi-nation? Good thought.
    I've done it on occasion ...
    One theme I returned to on occasion is the idea that the idiocy of the 4th Crusade doesn't happen, but that the Crusaders go off to die in the Holy Land and Constantinople goes recruiting for a reconquista of Asia Minor ....

  6. I did it the other way round ... doh! I started with a Napoleonic Imagi-nation and am now trying to come up with a back story for the 18th Century....