Sunday 26 October 2008


Tomorrow sees me return to work after half term. I am pleased with my flag designs which have printed off very well indeed. I have been putting some ideas together for army lists for the writer of the Funnylittlewars rules and have taken some time to consider The Duchy of Tradgardland in 1911 or so. I hope to make an army list and also design suitable flags. I have been aided in this matter by reading the Encyclopedia Britannica of 1911. It is available online and well worth a look.
It has been interesting to imagine what the Duchy would be doing at the start of the 20th Century. I have started writing some ideas/storyline as a file on the Funnylittlewars yahoo group. We shall see where it goes...
Enjoy the rest of the Weekend one and all !


  1. I hope you will post your 1911 Tradgardland info here when it's ready. Sounds interesting!