Tuesday 23 September 2008


It was dark before Anderrson left the church. The missal could not be found but Father Moribund had located a wall painting within the Church of the aforementioned Wurm.It had been there decaying for centuries now.
As Anderrson excited into the chill air of the autumn night he observed the Wurm was still there. The townspeople had taken courage and returned to their homes,lighting every lamp and candle they possessed in order to drive the Wurm away. it had been to no avail- the wurm still lay upon the bridge! Anderrson left for his house his mind filled with military stratagems which he would implement with the dawn...


  1. I really like the irruption of this worm from the past in 'our' avatar of Lace Wars Earth!

  2. Twas Brillig, and the slithy Toves ///
    Perhaps, one could call up an enormous fish?

    Good story line!