Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Building Plans...

The Duchy of Tradgardland potteries appear to have made a mistake with the date upon this plate- it of course ,should have read 1758...

It portrays well the Capital -including the signature Tradgarlander church ( found in every community big or small)with external staircase for the militia to use as an observation post.

One of the tasks I set myself this holiday ( once the coldy/fluy symptoms have finally left me and mine) was to build some typical Tradgardland buildings using the Grant/Stokes methodology. I want to have a go at one of these churches very much - since I saw a similar one in Denmark when I last visited there some years ago!

Anyway I shall give it a go - if the results are at all pleasing I will post photos. Any advice for the making of the external stairs/ balcony ( see photo on my Blog page for an example of such a church) would be most appreciated! I hope this finds you all moving forwards well to a well-earned break!

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