Monday 22 December 2008


It has been a busy few days. Jan and I are still under the weather with fluy colds and my eldest is off to the doc today with earache!

We have had a hectic time preparing for a family gathering here yesterday . It all went swimmingly . On Saturday we decked the halls and put up the tree plus shopping. The soiree day itself was hectic but fun. I even organised a quiz which was appreciated by all. Jan produced a lovely meal for all.

As I write Anna is cutting and sticking together for me some lovely chance cards sent to me by Stokes- thanks Stokes!. I hope to get some cardboard houses begun to go with my resin Vauban fortifications in 25mm. The arrival of the Wargame companion @Christmas will further inspire me further. Santa will bring a few Minifigs companies for my imaginations too...

I am interested in seeing Bluebear Jeff is tempted by the Old School look having been inspired by Stokes. I do hope Jeff does go for it. I am starting with some batts but also some company sized units too. Build up slowly is the way I am going. So it will be a Charge inspired Christmas for me - maybe a wee game by the New Year - we shall see. I hope you are all well and preparing for the Season and for some R and R too!!


  1. Get well soon (all of you)!
    And we want to see some pics of the fort and other stuff when you get a chance. :-)
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Yes, I'm tempted . . . and I also have "The War Game Companion" hiding under the tree for me for further inspiration . . . and my wife hijacked the new BATTLEGAMES MAGAZINE . . . it is under the tree too.

    In fact all of the hobby books that have come my way in the last month have been hijacked . . . so I'll have a lot of good reading in a few days.

    Hopefully you and yours will feel better soon . . . and that by Christmas you will be able to enjoy the festivities.

    -- Jeff

  3. Happy to help -- Enjoy yourself!

    Best Regards,


  4. Get well soon, and happy holidays!

  5. I too was inspired by Charge, my favourite book to get out of the library when I was a kid.

    You'll enjoy the Wargame Companion; it's brill.

    Merry Xmas

    -- Allan