Thursday, 11 December 2008

General Mackay

General Mackay has been busy all day drilling his new troops. They have been hand picked from the Tradgardlander Militia and are gathered at the artillery camp. Mackay realises that the coming months will see a threat emerging from the Saschen-Vindow army...

MacKay , a traditionalist by nature and principle, makes sure the men are well acquainted with the arcane drill associated with throwing of grenades. They will become an elite within the Duchy and are to be paid from the Duke's personal gold inherited from his father - a product of plunder upon the field of Mars....

Note to the reader: these figures are currently in the process of painting and I hope to move them forward well this weekend...


  1. Glad to see our old comrade in arms back in the saddle. We wish him well!

  2. For the good general's project, German plates with English translation of grenade instruction from Fascinating Instructions in the movement of MILITARY EXERCISES shown in all stages with the Flint-lock, Bayonet and Grenade by Johann Jacob Wolrab can be found here:

  3. (I think that you can download from flickr. Let me know if you can't.)

  4. I don't know of any weapon more alarming to friend and foe than those early hand grenades. Grenadiers aren't so much elite as crazy!