Saturday, 7 February 2009

New faces in Tradgardland...

This week sees two new commanding officers for the First and Second Regiments of Tradgardland infantry. They are pictured putting their men through their paces.
Due to the Duke's personal wishes the gentlemen have been been given command of the two main Militia infantry regiments. Duke Karl Frederick felt they brought experience and steady hands at this time of impending conflict with Saschen-Vindow.
The gentlemen have been welcomed by their brother officers and are fully integrated into the life of the Duchy.
Comments upon their first days in the Duchy would be welcomed from both these gallant gentlemen...


  1. Hopefully, despite commanding militia, those gallant fellows will show their mettle!


  2. Duda looks sharp in front of such a body of men...considering his prior emplyement as ADC this is the largest single formation that he as 'personally' commanded.

    Love the action shots!

  3. The eyes of Hunsruck are upon Oberst Trimbach; we are confident he will make us proud.

  4. Nice units and officers

    I will have a figure for your body guard unit. It has yet to be painted.

    Can you send me you snail mail postal address, use e-mail

    -- Allan

  5. The General Staff has selected Captain Ludwig von Alesmister, late of the Kronenberg Cuirassiers, from among several highly qualified volunteers. Reich Duke Wilhelm was pleased with selection and will dispatch him upon receipt of shipping information.

  6. Shipping info posted on my EvE post of yesterday as an additional comment.