Thursday, 26 February 2009

Post-battle ...

Ritter von Trimbach permits his men pursuit to the nearest defiles and woods' edge before seeking out his standard-bearers and bugler to sound recall. Leaving his colour guard at the vacated wolf-pits, Ritter von Trimbach orders his bugle to continue sounding recall while riding forward with his subordinate officers to rally the men back to the colours.
The fates proved to be against this occurring- the men are scattered and engaged in pursuit and plundering.The officers are ignored and the bugle sounds to no avail. In a copse,which proved darker and thicker than imagined, a boar suddenly emerges from the thick undergrowth. The furious animal charges Duda and his horse. The horse bolts and Duda can little more than hang on for dear life itself...


  1. Doubtless a furious trained war-boar, carefully held in reserve for just such a moment. Is there no monstrous depths to which barbaric 18th century warfare will not sink?


  2. Boar, boar, my kngdom for a boar!

  3. Handing his two horse pistols to his aide de campe, Ritter von Trimbach orders him to dispatch the beast pursuing Duda.

    Returning to the task of rallying the men, von Trimbach instructs his captains to identify their Feldwebels and Corporals and inform them that they will be summarily broken back to common soldier if they do not immediately turn their attention to reforming their men, and that corporal punishment is authorised for any private soldiers who ignore their instructions to reform.

  4. Next thing you know the Vile Stagonians will be claiming you murdered one of their nobility

  5. Well they (i.e., Stagonians) are rather swinish.

    -- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein